Delivery Policy

Here at PrintPro we strive to keep the cost of our products competitve and often the lowest you will find, without compromising on quality. One of the ways we achieve this is by having production runs of products where we process multiple similar items at the same time. As an example, if we receive several orders for A5 brochures, we have found it to be much more time efficient to process them all at the same time instead of one by one. The result of this is that all of our completed orders are received by customers on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings, with real estate agents being our primary customer base and weekend open homes being the main reason to buy our products.

If you need your product on a specific day before the weekend then let us know and we will do everything we can to help, within reason. During the checkout process you will find a box labelled 'Delivery Instructions' which is provided so that you can send us any particular information necessary. 

After checking out you will be sent to a page with a form to fill in where you can attach images and provide as many tiny details as you want about the product you just ordered. Once that is completed, you're finished and you'll receive an email with a copy of the form you filled in and your receipt/invoice. We will create the artwork based on the information provided and email you a sample.

Being based in Brisbane, PrintPro sends fulfilled customer orders in the greater Brisbane area by courier and all other finished products nationwide via Australia Post's Express Post service for next day delivery. 

If you have any further queries about our delivery policy or anything else then please email us at